The right for ALL consumers to be a client (have a Realtor represent you) or just being a customer on your own, in any Real Estate purchase is your choice. This was not always the case. Michael Galansky has been representing buyers as ‘Clients” since 1983 and is considered to be one of the “Pioneers” of Buyer Agency- an advocate for “Consumer Rights”. At The Galansky Group – representation of Buyers or Sellers are always at the forefront of our services. Learn more here.

Relocating to a new home can be a difficult, time consuming, and drawn out task. If you are thinking about buying a new home or real estate property in the greater Denver area, it is a wise choice to enlist the help of a home or business relocation service. This is where The Galansky Group comes in. Michael Galansky and his experienced team of real estate professionals can offer you services from home relocation services to employee relocation services, from finding specific property management companies to locating Denver, Colorado real estate, from locating real estate brokers in Denver to even connecting with your perfect luxury home in Denver. Keep reading to learn more about the expertise of our team.

The “First Time” Home Buying Experience

For many, being a first time home buyer can be quite confusing and stressful and many people end up making mistakes. provides great tips for first time home buyers in their blog 11 Must-do’s for the First-time Homebuyer, including talking to a reputable realtor. That’s where The Galanksy Group comes in; we’ll be sure to give you all of the information you need to help you navigate the sometimes intimidating world of house hunting.

When you want to buy a house for the first time, run your credit score to get an idea of what kind of loan you can get, what kind of payments will be required for it, and what kind of interest rates you’ll be dealing with. advises that the perfect interest rate for your mortgage might not necessarily be the lowest. There are many other factors, including fees, to consider. You should enlist the help of relocation consultants, relocation realtors, real estate property management services if the property will be a rental, moving relocation services, a buyer’s broker, and even a relocation management company. All of these above services and more are offered with The Galansky group.

Working with The Galansky Group

The Galansky Group operates with one clear purpose, and that is to make the purchase of real estate much easier and far simpler than it usually is for the buyer. With the help of the Galansky Group, you will be able to finally realize your goals in the real estate field. You will be able to find any type of property that you want be it luxury real estate, corporate housing companies, a real estate rental property, commercial real estate in Denver, Denver area residential real estate, or even just your very first house of your own.

We will answer any questions you have including questions about the market on a micro scale for just Denver and on a macro scale for the national real estate market in general. We can provide information on any kind of inquiry be it the value of certain neighborhoods, traffic in various areas, future projections for certain suburbs, school systems, crime rates, and local amenities. When you have decided on a home, rental property, commercial property, or undeveloped land we will work with you step by step to thoroughly negotiate the sale and ultimately work out an agreement that gives you the best and lowest price possible for your new property.

Please give us a call if you have any questions about the services that we can offer you. The Galansky Group operates with more than ninety percent of our business coming from referrals alone as a result of our steadfast mission to providing the best real estate services possible to our clients. We would love the opportunity to help you and your family members and loved ones in finding the right property in the greater Denver area.