Here at The Galansky Group, we offer a totally different and new approach to property management. Our services are not for everyone; we are very selective and stringent in our overall property rental approach. We do not simply rent homes to anyone and everyone, rather we offer, “Rental Opportunities”, to qualified potential tenants who are very interested in living in and maintaining a true home. Keep reading to learn more about the exceptional properties and management services we offer to those looking to rent out their properties.

Respectable Tenants for Your Property

Our goal and mission in property management is to first provide tenants for your home as quickly as possible and, even more importantly, to keep your home occupied for as long as you want it to be. We promise to only rent your home to qualified and capable tenants who meet our extensive criterion for tenant applications.

We also promise to address all of the areas and aspects of your property before allowing a tenant to rent it. Our ambition is to ultimately better serve you by conducting our business on the home and with the new tenant in the same manner that you would do yourself. By doing this, we take all of the work and effort off of your shoulders so that you can simply enjoy the benefits of owning a rental property investment.

Our process begins with detailed inspections of the home. We then identify and rectify any problems before we place a tenant in your home. This saves you time and money in the long run. Routine inspections and maintenance will continue to be performed on the home to ensure that it does not depreciate in quality and value.

How our Specialized Services Differ from Most Property Management Companies

We want to change the way that property management is done, by offering you with the best situation when it comes to your real estate rental property. If you are unsure of what your obligations will be as the property owner compared to what we will be doing as the property managers, Rental Property Reporter provides a deeper look. Some of the services that our property management specialists will strive to perform and do are:

Physical and Personal Inspections

We will ensure than our agents will perform multiple drive-by’s and actual visits of your home on a regular basis for routine inspections.

Routine Maintenance

Surveys show that one of the biggest concerns for the owner of a rental property is the depreciation of the property due to elapsed time and/or negligent renters. Not only do we hand pick excellent tenants for your home that agree to take good care of it, but we also perform all necessary routine maintenance using only listened and insured contractors. We will never provide you with a maintenance price mark up.

Easy, Simple, Stress-Free Rent Collection

We want you to receive the profits of your investment as quickly and as easily as possible. All monthly rents collected by us are sent directly to you immediately upon our receipt of them via direct debt, ACH payments, or bill pay as is set up with us by the tenant. We monitor this process closely with the tenants, and we only select qualified tenants to begin with to avoid trouble in this area.

On-Going Communication

We want you to stay informed and updated on your rental property. We will keep in touch with you and provide a running record of the condition of your property complete with details of maintenance, recommendations on upgrades, details about the tenants, and helpful items of information on how the property is doing in general.

Statements, Notices, Maintenance Requests, Compliance Reports, and Financial Reporting

We want you to be kept up to date on your property, and to have as much information on the home as you desire. We offer an easy to use interface to provide you with information on your property relating to:

  • Detailed quarterly or monthly management statements for the property
  • Rental renewal notices to tenants if desired
  • Delivery, tracking, and monitoring of Pay or Quit notices when needed
  • Details on our management of any eviction proceedings if necessary.
  • Detailed reports and copies of tenant maintenance requests via phone, text, and email.
  • Copies of our inspections to assure that your rental property is compliant with applicable local, state and federal laws
  • Copies of detailed resident check-out processes in which we hold ensure that the tenant agrees to do exactly what he or she needs to do on their end to maintain your property and ensure that they leave it in as good of if not better condition than when they first moved in.


How We Eliminate the Two Greatest Fears of Rental Property Owners

If you are considering renting out a home, condo, apartment, town home, or commercial property, it is not a bad idea to enlist the help of a real estate property management company. This is because there are two main fears that come with the endeavor of going at this process on your own, and they are:

  • The possibility of a vacant property that creates a drain on your financial investment
  • Poorly qualified or irresponsible renters that will cause trouble and discord

The Galansky Group, LLC is here to make sure that you never have to worry about these common concerns that many property management companies still struggle with. Our company prides itself on its wealth of Real Estate information, knowledge, and experience in the Denver real estate market. Our process is simple, but it works, and it works because we apply a diligence and sincerity to it that is rare. When it comes to managing your property, our property management experts will perform the following:

  • Locate qualified tenants that pass background checks, can provide qualified referrals,and that pass our own stringent criterion for potential tenants for you.
  • Place the tenants found as quickly and as speedily as possible into your property so that your investment can start generating profit. It comes as no surprise that this process takes a nearly insurmountable degree of resources, knowledge about the market, knowledge about renters in general, and a simple willingness to provide unparalleled real estate property management services.


We Go the Extra Mile to Ensure that Your Property in Rented Quickly by Qualified Tenants

What sets us apart from the generic concept of a property management company is not only our goal and mission statement, but also the tools and resources that we employ to better serve you. Some of these are various high-impact, multi-faceted, multi-programmed property marketing that includes but is not limited to:

  • Professional, cutting edge, up to date marketing that captures the essence of your property and effectively markets it to only qualified tenants that will fall in love with your property and strive to take good care of it.
  • Comprehensive, web-based, all-encompassing online marketing of your property that includes web sites such as, RentVine, Google Base, Craigslist, RentalHouses, Yahoo, Oodle, and VastSpecial direct marketing programs. We include all of these marketing tools to ensure that your property has a tenant in it as soon as is physically possible.
  • Effective and eye-catching physical promotion for your property. Our signature, “ARENTAL OPPORTUNITY” signs that we use easily separate us from the usual rentals and property management companies. This sign and is placed at your property and it is by far a long way away from being just a plastic throwaway sing. This sign attracts the eye of the causal drive-by and features a sign rider with an exclusive web address for the property. Someone who is driving by your property can access the web from their mobile device, punch in the web address, and literally take a virtual tour of the interior of your property while parked right in front of it.


Our Promise to You

To maintain the one-hundred percent satisfaction guarantee that is the watchword of The Galansky Group, we strive to ensure that we provide the absolute best property management services available. We would love to answer any questions you might have about managing your property, and if you decide to work with us, we promise that we will manage your property to the best of our abilities. Call us today!